Support From Preservationists

Mark C. McDonald
President and CEO, The Georgia Trust

“I would like to gratefully acknowledge your efforts to save the historic St. Gerard Church in Buffalo, New York. This historic church has served the Diocese of Buffalo since 1911 and my understanding is that repeated preservation efforts in Buffalo have not led to positive results for the building to be rehabilitated in the city. That being the case, I believe that the dismantling and relocation of the magnificent building to Norcross will conserve the architectural integrity of this church and give it a fresh opportunity to serve the Diocese of Atlanta as the Parish of Mary Our Queen for years to come.

I believe your parish’s appreciation for the historic architecture of St. Gerard is commendable. We wish you the best in the arduous task of reconstruction which lies ahead and hope the outcome is as great as your commitment and dedication.

The relocation of historic buildings is the preservation alternative of last resort. However, a building as significant as St. Gerard should be preserved and its relocation is superior to demolition. Your respect for the heritage of St. Gerard and the citizens of Buffalo is quite evident.

Thank you again for your great appreciation for historic ecclesiastical architecture and we send you blessings as you embark on this project.”

Rodney Cook

President, The National Monuments Foundation

“I am fascinated with your idea to move St. Gerard’s from Buffalo, New York to Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the most beautiful chaste church designs I have seen in America, especially for that time in Buffalo. I commend you for taking on this project and am hopeful I can be of help to you in the process.

This idea of preserving great American churches when their neighborhoods have outgrown them or moved on is indeed historic in itself. The ability to move buildings this large is increasingly easier as technology and expertise in this area advances. I think the team you are assembling are all able to accomplish this goal well and bring your project to a successful conclusion.

On the spiritual and most important front, this project serves as a beacon to the church of St. Gerard, as well as to the Catholic Church as a whole. This great building will have a resurrection and serve a community again for multiple generations, as it did for generations before, because of your endeavor. The pilgrimage of this building from New York to Georgia is full of history and symbolism. Mary Our Queen will certainly reap the blessings of such an exchange. I fully endorse your project.”

Mark A. Sadd, Preservationist

Member, Lewis Glasser Casey & Rollins PLLC, Charleston, West Virginia

“The effort to relocate the beautiful and timeless St. Gerard Church from Buffalo, New York, to Norcross, Georgia, is an aspiration that I believe national historic preservationists will largely support and applaud in lieu of the building’s further decay and possible loss. I have seen and even helped the adaptive reuse of historic church buildings for secular purposes.  They were satisfying projects.  But, as a Catholic, I can imagine no more satisfying use of an historic Catholic place of worship in one place than as a Catholic place of worship in another. If successful, the relocation will be a marker of the universality of the Church across both time and space.  How much cooler can that be?”

 Mark Williams

Preservationist and Designer, Buffalo, New York

“I just became aware of this monumental relocation of St Gerard’s. If not for this project, St Gerard’s would become another victim of urban decay. There are voices in Buffalo who will oppose this relocation, but I have seen too many treasures destroyed due to lack of resources and community. A perfect example is Our Lady of Lourdes in downtown Buffalo. Closed in 2003, this magnificent building has been stripped of all of its stained glass and woodwork and sits empty and forlorn awaiting its final destination with a wrecking ball. Medina sandstone carted-off to a landfill is a sad state of affairs. I commend you for your efforts.”

Preservation Buffalo Niagara

For more information and an opportunity to become a supporter of this project, please go to


2 responses to “Support From Preservationists

  1. Greg Paridon

    What is the latest news onf this move? Have searched the Parish website and it refers back to this webpage which does not tell anyone anything about the progress of this great project.

    • We have moved out of the “quiet” phase and are kicking off a series of campaigns, including Social Media, In-Kind gifts, Corporate Sponsorship, and of course the most important, focused prayer! We will be posting more information soon!
      Thank you for you interest and support!

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