Support from Grateful Parishoners

Support From grateful parishioners

Dorothy Eckl
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“It’s mind-boggling to me, but I’m so happy that something’s going to happen with the church.”

Click here to view an interview with Dorothy Eckl


Kevin P. Phalen
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“I was born and raised in St. Gerard’s Parish and worshipped there for more than forty years. It was built to be a Catholic House of Worship and should remain such, no matter where it is. I look forward to the day I can attend mass in that building again when I visit Atlanta.”


Lisa LaCerais Spada
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“I also grew up in St. Gerard’s Parish, worshipped there and attended school there from K-8 and was deeply saddened as I attended its final Mass. St. Gerard’s was built as a place of worship and should remain as such. God bless the people of Atlanta in their quest to move this beautiful church to their city. I know my family and I would be overjoyed to attend mass in our church as it begins its new life in a new place.”


Jim Palmatier
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“St. Gerard’s is such a beautiful building. I hope this goes through and makes the people of Georgia as happy as it did those here who once went there.”


Marge Phillips
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“I am so happy that this beautiful church will live on to serve its original purpose as a center of worship for the Catholic community. It breaks my heart every time I drive by and see St. Gerard’s standing vacant and empty. I have been praying to God to watch over the church and for this move to go through successfully. It looks like my prayers are being answered. Thank you and God bless you.”


Tony W.
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“I was raised in St. Gerard’s Church and was saddened by the thought that one day it would meet the wrecking ball. I went to school there until the 6th grade and walked to St. Gerard’s every day, including Sunday, from the house my father and I were born in. I was an altar boy and vividly remember Monsignor Selbert. I will pray for an easy transition to Georgia.”


Karl Hertlein
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“Me, my twin brother, and our older brother were all baptized in and graduated from St.Gerard’s. We also did maintenance work on the church and set up pins in the bowling alley as part-time work.  I remember Monsignor Scherck, Father Salbert, and Father Wagner. I also fondly remember Sister Donald, who was one of my teachers. I now live in Sun City, Florida and have a son who lives in Atlanta.  He is an architect and will be following this project closely. I will attend the first Mass at the relocated church with my son and grandchildren. Good luck!”


Edmund G. Kotkiewicz
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“My family lived on Roslyn St. in Buffalo until we moved to Williamsville in 1965. I graduated from 8th grade in 1957; my three sisters and brother graduated after me. My uncle, Reverend Chester Kotkiewicz, gave the commencement address at my graduation in 1957. We were parishioners at St. Gerard’s from 1954 to 1965 and I served as an altar boy from ages 12 to 18. We were there when Monsignor Selbert and Father Braun were there. I am now 66-years-old and hope to live long enough to go to Mass at the church when it is moved.”

Pat (Glynn) Hoppe 
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“My grandparents, The Reimanns, were members of this parish until they died and they owned the saloon that used to be on the opposite corner. My mom grew up in this parish as did my uncle, Bill Amthur and the Hausbeck family. I took my First Holy communion in this parish in 1941. I was shocked to hear the news. If I am still alive when it is complete in Norcross, I would love to drive down and see it.”

Robert P. Reeder 
Former St. Gerard parishioner

“I am so pleased that the beloved St. Gerard’s Church will be moved to a parish with loving families. I came to St. Gerard’s after being in the military and became involved in music ministry, a mission renewal program. I was also in charge of decorating the church for holidays such as Christmas and Easter. I sang the Exalted many times at the Easter Vigil Celebration, and my wife and I were married at this church. I am so pleased that God has softened the hearts of so many and will provide this outstanding architectural structure with a new home. Once again its walls will be filled with music, song, laughter and spiritual growth. Just being able to sit in the choir loft, or anywhere in this building, and look at the architecture—the coffered ceilings and stained glass windows—will emphasize the inspiration of God’s wonderful presence. May God bless all of you in your new house of worship.”

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One response to “Support from Grateful Parishoners

  1. Michael A Grajek

    I was a parishioner from 1945 through 1960, and graduated from the school. I am delighted by this project and will support it in every way that I can. I hope other members of the 1958 graduating class will join me.

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