An Engineering Moment

About the time St. Gerard’s was erected in an affluent Buffalo, American magnates were acquiring and relocating treasures from Europe and elsewhere. The European to U.S. cycle climaxed with the completion of The Cloisters in New York City and San Simeon in California, both museums.

In the late 20th century, a Spanish town church was relocated to Miami where it exists as an Episcopal parish. A chapel was relocated to Marquette University in Milwaukee earlier.

The St. Gerard project will be the first large structure relocated entirely within the United States, the first moved from North to South (reflecting the Catholic population shift from the Northeast and Midwest to the Southeast and Southwest in the last 30 years), and the first to employ advanced scanning techniques in architecture and construction. It will also be the first “Catholic-to-Catholic” transfer.

The structure is ready for disassembly, transfer and re-establishment on a new, stronger superstructure 900 miles away in Atlanta. By itself, this new skeleton will add centuries to the building’s life.

For more information and an opportunity to become a supporter of this project, please go to


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